This region includes Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Hike below mighty saguaros in the Sonoran Desert. Check out wildflowers blooming by Texas roadsides. Find out why the Grand Canyon is so rich in plant diversity.

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The saguaro is the biggest cactus in the U.S., growing as tall as 60 feet, living to be 200 years old, and living only in the Sonoran Desert. Look for saguaros in southern Arizona.

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The Grand Canyon is more than a mile deep, supporting 1,500 plant species adapted to life at various elevations, from the Colorado River to the rim.

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Texas, the second largest state, is famous for wildflowers that bloom from piney woods to desert, and from barrier islands to bayous.

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At Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma, turtles bask on logs, wood ducks nest in trees, and squirrels eat fruits, nuts, and flowers within a rare bottomland hardwood forest.

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The piñon pine is New Mexico’s state tree. The flavorful nuts of this pine have long sustained native peoples and are popular in modern Southwest cooking.
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Arizona landscape