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We create hands-on, nature-based education resources to engage kids in forest health, ecology, and plant conservation

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Explore a variety of resources to help teach kids about plants, insects, and more.

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Find Your Garden

Visit public gardens in your area with hands on environmental programming.

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Read our educational blog! Discover new ideas for teaching about plants and forest ecology!

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We’re here to help kids explore plants and forest systems by providing parents and educators free, plant-teaching ideas and other nature learning resources. By teaching kids about plants, insects and ecosystems, we can empower youth to be agents of positive environmental change.

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Educator Resources

Delve in to find hands-on science materials designed to teach kids about plants, immerse your students in nature, inspire place-based curiosity, and merge classroom learning with environmental education.

"The materials are at the perfect reading level with lots of colorful photographs. We used this with a second grade class and it was perfect!"
"I have incorporated Plant Heroes in various classes with homeschooled children here at The Dawes Arboretum. They are engaging and informative—perfect for school age children!"
"The Plant Heroes really open the young learners’ eyes to the threats to our forest and ways to deal with those issues. The show the learners anyone can be a Plant Hero all they need to do is learn and make observations."
"We are really excited to offer another garden activity for kids to enjoy. Many families have joined over the past year in order to have a safe and beautiful place to bring their homeschooled children. We plan on marketing the journals, encouraging families to return multiple times to record seasonal changes."
"Great program! Really glad to see new topics coming out. Wonderful resource! Keep up the good work."
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