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Dragonfly courtesy of Matt Bertone / Flickr

Observing Insects: Why We Watch & What We Learn

Sometimes scientists aren’t trying to see insects, but insects are such a force that they demand to be seen! Learn some interesting facts and stories about how and why scientists capture and study insects, and how meteorologists might be watching insects by accident.

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Tree rings, courtesy of Phil Connell / Flickr

Reading The Secrets Of Tree Rings

If you speak the language of trees, a forest can tell you as many stories as a library! Many people know that tree rings can help guess how old a tree is, but did you know they can tell us so much more?

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Prescribed Fire courtesy of the US Forest Service

The Importance Of Wildfire

Wildfires play a major role in keeping forest systems healthy. Trees depend on them and so we depend on them. Let’s explore more about “fire ecosystems” and about how humans can (and do) live with fire.

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