Meet these fantastic creatures!

Did you know?

Fungi are everywhere—in soil, air, water, inside plants and animals—even in you!

Did you know?

Fungi include mold, mildew, mushrooms, yeast, rust, and smuts.
The world needs all these yucky-sounding things!

Did you know?

The Fungi Kingdom of 144,000 species includes yeast for baking bread.
Heroes Running Nate in Front
SSRR_Armillaria solidipes fruiting body

These fungi are causing problems
through no fault of their own.
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A "Rust" is a Type of Fungus

Scientists are improving the survival of white pines to resist this fungus that showed up more than 100 years ago from Asia. There’s hope!

White Pine Blister Rust

The Humongous Fungus!

A kind of root rot fungus that is a record holder for size. It is also bioluminescent, which means it glows in the dark—check out the slider!

Shoestring Root Rot

Sudden Oak Death (Ramorum Blight)

Also called a "water mold." It can be spotted by observing trees for signs of reddish cankers (dead spots on tree). Move the slider to see a canker with the bark removed.

Sudden Oak Death (Ramorum blight)

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Armillaria: Armand Robichaud,; Fungi: Sasho Popov,; Rhizomorphs : Kathie Hodge, Cornell University,; White pine blister rust: Robert L. Anderson, USDA Forest Service,; Bioluminescent mushrooms: Taylor Lockwood.;  Rust: Dorena Genetic Resource Center, State & Private Forestry,; Pine branches: Kirk Baldwin,

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