Parent / Teacher Guide

Thanks for stopping by. The Plant Heroes is a valuable resource for parents and educators looking for innovative ways to teach K-12 audiences about dangerous plant pests and diseases and ultimately engage them in protecting the plants in their own yards, neighborhoods and communities from emerging threats such as the asian longhorned beetle, emerald ash borer, laurel wilt, and ramorum blight. Be sure to check out the lesson plans available in the Plant Heroes curriculum hub and read the following suggestions on how to use the site to enrich the learning experience!

You can use the Plant Heroes comics to introduce these topics and then refer to the field guide for addtional information and rich visuals about pest and disease identification, life cycles and symptoms. The Plant Heroes Glossary also provides a wealth of related vocabulary about general biology, plants, insects (good and bad), and invasive species biology.

Young learners can test their knowledge through several online interactive games that use Adobe’s Flash Player and can also print a variety of coloring pages, puzzles, and activity sheets from the site.

Also, be sure to check out the Community Tree Mapping Project and learn how you can participate!