BEETLES - Bark Beetle Exploration

This Student Activity Guide was created by BEETLES, Science and Teaching for Field Instructors.

More information can be found here.

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Lesson Summary

In forested areas, students are often intrigued by mysterious sticks covered in carved tunnels, which they often think were made by human artists or termites. After students complete this activity, they’ll have the skills to identify bark beetle galleries, to make explanations about patterns, and to interpret what these tracks tell us about the life history of the organisms that made them.

In an optional discussion, students can consider outbreak levels of bark beetles that cause the death of many trees, make arguments based on evidence about possible effects on ecosystems, then brainstorm and critique possible management strategies. An optional extension for investigating student questions about bark beetles is also included.

Please note all credits go to BEETLES. Plant Heroes did not create any of the materials shared here.


Middle School

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