Is There a Doctor in the Treehouse?


Activity Description: 

This lesson uses students' understanding of illnesses that can affect humans and relates them to maladies affecting trees.  Classroom discussions of the various causal agents of human and tree maladies are followed with a field activity in which tree conditions are observed.  Students collect photographs and data in the field and compile them into presentations.

  • The students will investigate afflictions of trees.
  • The students will compare and contrast the health of a human to that of a tree.
Pre-Activity Prep: 
  • The teacher needs to canvass a forested area to find evidence of the maladies or find photos or pictures.
  • The teacher needs to obtain cameras, preferably digital.
  • baggies
  • magazines
  • books
  • Internet connection
  • cameras
Three 45-minute periods
Dennis G. Hahn, Bushkill Elementary School
Penn State Ecosystem Science and Management,