Invasive Species


Activity Description: 

Students will each undertake independent research to prepare a ‘case file’ for a different invasive species, and will use the information they have collated to participate in a class or group discussion on the impacts of invasive species.


Students will explore the impacts that invasive species may have on native species and habitats, and will investigate some of the most common methods used to control invasive species. Students will independently research and prepare ‘case studies’ for different invasive species which can be used as a basis for wider classroom discussion and collaboration.

Pre-Activity Prep: 

  1. Read through the instructions to make sure you understand the activity.
  2. Download the invasive speciesPowerPoint presentation.
  3. Ensure there are enough laptops/computers with internet access for students to work alone or in pairs when they are carrying out research for their case study.
  4. Print off the case study template (one per student).
  5. Assign students a species to research, or allow students to pick their own species from the list.

  • Interactive whiteboard or projector
  • Computer to connect to whiteboard or projector
  • Invasive species PowerPoint presentation
  • Invasive species - case study template (one per student)
  • Invasive species - suggested species list
  • Computers or laptops with internet access for student research
One to Two Hours
ARKive (Wildscreen USA)