Design an Invasive Species


Activity Description: 

Students will learn about invasive non-native species and the negative impacts they can have, looking at examples from the UK. Using what they have learned, the students will then design their own invasive species.


Students will learn what ‘invasive non-native species’ are, where they have come from and what makes them so successful. They will consider the potential negative impacts these species can have on native species and habitats, and will learn simple ways in which we can help to prevent the spread of some of these species. Using what they have learned, the students will then design and describe their own invasive species.

Pre-Activity Prep: 

  1. Read through the instructions to make sure you understand the activity.
  2. Download the Invasive speciesPowerPoint presentation.
  3. Print off the ‘Design an Invasive Species’ worksheets (either one per student or one per group, depending on whether you would prefer them to work independently or in groups).
  • Interactive whiteboard or projector
  • Computer to connect to whiteboard or projector
  • Design an invasive species PowerPoint presentation
  • Design an invasive species worksheets
  • Pens and pencils

One Hour
ARKive (Wildscreen USA)