Design a Conservation Programme


Activity Description: 

By designing a conservation programme, students learn about the importance of biodiversity as well as the economic benefits and services ecosystems provide.


Students learn about the importance of biodiversity and the need for conservation, the fine balance of an ecosystem, the impacts of human activity, and the economic benefits and services an ecosystem can provide.

Educational Standards: 

 Grades 9-12

Content Standard A: Science as Inquiry 
•Understanding about scientific inquiry

Content Standard C: Life Science 
•Interdependence of organisms 
•Behavior of organisms

Content Standard F: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives 
•Personal and community health 
•Natural resources
•Environmental quality
•Natural and human-induced hazards
•Science and technology in local, national, and global challenges

Content Standard G: History and Nature of Science 
•Science as human endeavor
•Nature of Science

Pre-Activity Prep: 

1.  Arrange internet access, and if necessary, library time.

2.  Prepare the PowerPoint files provided in the teacher resources. You will need the following:

     a.     Design a Conservation Programme – introducing the topic.ppt
     b.     Exploring

     [You might also want to print off the notes that accompany the PowerPoint slides] 

3.  Print the student briefing packs. You will need to print enough copies for each group of 3 students. Each pack should include:

     a.   A cover sheet – what your briefing pack contains

     b.  Worksheet: Getting started

     c.  Worksheet: Doing research & generating ideas

     d.  Worksheet: Things to think about

     e.  4 x Case studies

     f.  Student planning sheets (multiple)

4.  Provide large sheets of paper and marker pens for mapping out ideas

5.  If you are planning to allow students to create PowerPoint slides for their presentations, arrange computer access.

6.  If you will be instructing students to produce posters, you will need to provide all the necessary equipment required to create posters for presentations.


 Teacher Resources:

  •    Teachers’ notes
  •    Introducing the topic ppt. file
  •    Exploring ppt. file

Student Resources:

Student briefing packs, for each group of 3 students, containing:

  • Cover sheet
  • Worksheet: Getting started
  • Worksheet: Doing research & generating ideas
  • Worksheet: Things to think about
  • 4 x case studies
  • Student planning sheets (multiple)

Other Resources:

  • Internet access (unless setting the research as a homework activity)
  • Pens and paper to take notes
  • Presentation equipment, e.g., access to PowerPoint or paper, pens and other apparatus reqired to make posters
  • Blu-tack

Two to Three Class Periods, or as a homework project
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