Beetle Busters-Smart Searchers (Lesson 4)


Activity Description: 

New Recruits.

Students create Community Webs to show how they are connected to other people and groups in the community.  They then discuss how to share the message about ALB and who is best to share it with.

  • Students will understand how the invasive ALB can have a large impact on their lives and their communities. 
  • Students will understand how, when, and where to search for the ALB (and the signs of its activity) and how to prevent the beetle from spreading to other communities.
  • Students will understand how to mobilize their peers, family, and community members to search for, raise awareness about, and eradicate the ALB. 
Pre-Activity Prep: 

Make one copy of the Beetle Busters Action Campaign Plan Worksheet for each student.

Doing the Activity: 

The activity can be found on Page 15 of the PDF linked below.

  • Beetle Busters Action Campaign Plan Worksheet (see p. 29)
  • Paper for "Community Webs"
One Class Period (and ongoing throughout the year)