Beetle Busters-Smart Searchers (Lesson 3)


Activity Description: 

Save Our Trees!

The class discusses how to identify the trees preferred by the ALB and students search for ALB trees outside.  This is followed by a discussion of why trees are important and should be saved from ALB.  Optional activities for making word pictures and tree tags are included.

  • Students will understand how the invasive ALB can have a large impact on their lives and their communities. 
  • Students will understand how, when, and where to search for the ALB (and the signs of its activity) and how to prevent the beetle from spreading to other communities.
  • Students will understand how to mobilize their peers, family, and community members to search for, raise awareness about, and eradicate the ALB. 
Pre-Activity Prep: 
  • Plan this lesson for a time when leaves are on the trees. Check the ALB Year-Round Calendar (back cover) for suggestions!
  • Bring in a wooden baseball bat and some pure maple syrup.
Doing the Activity: 

The activity can be found on Page 13 of the PDF linked below.

  • Classroom Poster
  • Wooden baseball bat, maple syrup, paper
  • Paper for word pictures
One Class Period