Beetle Busters-Community Leaders (Lesson 1)


Activity Description: 

Students use ALB ID Cards to create labeled diagrams of key ALB characteristics.  They then complete a Classification Tree comparing the ALB with native insects.

  • Students will understand how, when, and where to search for the ALB (and the signs of its activity) and how to prevent the beetle from spreading to other communities.
  • Students will understand how to mobilize their peers, family, and community members to search for, raise awareness about, and eradicate the ALB.
Pre-Activity Prep: 
  • Research those insects, including the white spotted sawyer, with which the ALB is commonly confused. Identify the ones that are present in your own community using the USDA's ALB Identification and Look-Alikes List. 
  • Make sure you have an ALB ID Card for each student. A template card that can be printed and laminated is available online.
Doing the Activity: 

The activity is found on Page 20 of the PDF linked below.

One Class Period