Beetle Busters-Community Leaders (Intro Lesson)


Activity Description: 

Call to Action.

Students are introduced to the ALB and what it means to be a Beetle Buster Community Leader.  The class creates a Wanted Wall with info about ALB from different sources, and students complete a writing activity describing why they are qualified and want to help stop the ALB.  

  • Students will understand how the invasive ALB can have a large impact on their lives and their communities. 
  • Students will understand how, when, and where to search for the ALB (and the signs of its activity) and how to prevent the beetle from spreading to other communities.
  • Students will understand how to mobilize their peers, family, and community members to search for, raise awareness about, and eradicate the ALB. 
Pre-Activity Prep: 
  • Create a Wanted Wall. Designate a bulletin board or wall space and label it with the words "Wanted:ALB."  Post local articles or other information about the ALB. 
  • Optional: For articles and videos on the ALB and how it came to the United States, check out
Doing the Activity: 

Activity is found on Page 19 of the linked PDF

One Class Period