Glossary new


Any of various winged insects that have a slender body with a very narrow waist, and that can deliver a very painful sting

Water mold

Fungus-like absorptive microorganism that can reproduce both sexually and asexually. Some are pathogenic and cause serious plant diseases like Ramorum blight.


Any of numerous beetles with a long head that curves downward forming a snout, and that feeds on plants and plant products such as fruits, nuts, grain, cotton, or the like


Type of tree (sometimes weeping) that has long twigs, often used for basket weaving or furniture, that is threatened by ALB


To lose freshness and become limp, as in plant matter.


A member of an insect colony, usually a female that cannot lay eggs, that does specialized work for the colony, such as caring for brood, building and maintaining the nest, and collecting food.


Woody plant tissue that carries water and mineral salts. This tissue can be damaged by ALB burrowing or clogged by the Laurel Wilt fungus which weakens and eventually kills the tree