Stopping the Spread with Uncle Fred!

See how Frankie helps keep his uncle Fred from spreading this seriously hungry moth!

  • Title: Stopping the Spread with Fred

  • Before heading back to school in late August, Frankie pays a visit to his Uncle Fred in Cleveland to help him with a big landscaping job on the other side of Ohio, in Columbus.

  • Planting trees, hard work, and hanging out with family? Check!  Frankie is all in on this venture!

  • Frankie checks the equipment list...and helps load the wheelhoe and other landscaping equipment into the flatbed.

  • They drive down the long, narrow, tree-lined road out to the highway for the big job.

  • As Frankie and Fred leave Fred's Landscaping, Frankie notices a triangular box hanging in a tree.  "Hey Uncle Fred, I think I just saw some debris in a tree on your property!" "No Frankie, that is a pheromone trap for the Gypsy Moth.  I just found out that I live in a GM Transition Zone.  I gave the Dept. of Agriculture permission to place the trap to keep track of progress."  Oh, OK...just a pheromone trap you say...

  • STOP THE FLATBED!  Frankie tells Uncle Fred that Columbus is a GM free zone, and that they should check all the equipment to see if there are any GM egg clusters.

  • After a careful check, Fred finds an egg cluster on the side wheel of the wheel hoe.

  • Frankie and Fred work to get rid of the cluster and dispose of it properly.

  • Later that day, Frankie and Fred join the Plant Heroes team to confidently plant new trees in Columbus Park, while knowing the threat of spreading GM is no longer present! 

    Wanna be a Plant Hero and help stop the spread of Gypsy Moth? Check out out the field guide!

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