Red Bay Ambrosia Beetle Bust!

What will Laura Wilkins do when she finds the dreaded Red Bay Ambrosia beetle during a camping trip?

  • Title: Red Bay Ambrosia Beetle Bust!

  • Laura grew up on the Georgia coast, so she was very familiar with the symptoms of laurel wilt decline and mortality in redbay, Persea borbonia, and decided to study the beetle/fungus relationship at the University of Georgia.

  • While on a camping trip with some college friends in nearby Oconee State Park, she observed some sawdust-like threads coming out of the bark of a redbay and knew that it could be symptoms of the disease.

  • Concerned and ever curious...

  • When Laura got back to school, her teacher said that it might represent the first documented case in that part of the state, and put Laura in touch with their state's pest survey coordinator...

  • ...and helped rally the Plant Heroes team together!

  • They helped Laura put up Redbay Ambrosia Beetle traps and lead a survey throughout the park.

  • They found and removed several trees in one area, but fortunately stopped the infestation from spreading to other areas of the park!

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