Orange You Glad You Asked!?

See how Laura saves her band's fundraiser and local citrus trees from the sneaky Asian Citrus Psyllid.

  • Title: Orange you glad you asked?!

  • Laura (a trumpet player) is in the high school band.  Their band director, Mr. Mason, has been talking about doing a fundraiser to upgrade their band uniforms.  He mentions that he's spending Thanksgiving with a cousin in Florida who lives on an old orange farm.

  • The farm's been out of business for several years...

  • ...but his cousin said he could come and get a truckload of oranges anytime, so long as "he did the pickin."

  • Mr. Mason suggests that they could easily sell the fruit at their winter holiday performance and use the money to get new uniforms!

  • The story makes Laura think about her family's visit with her Aunt Linny in Mobile, Alabama last winter.

  • She remembers enjoying all of the citrus in her aunt's garden and her disappointment to learn that she couldn't bring any home because it hadn't been inspected and might be carrying Asian Citrus Psyllid and the deadly citrus greening disease aka yellow dragon disease.

  • Her aunt explained to her that they didn't want to risk introducing these bad guys to a new area...WAIT! How would this be any different?

  • Laura suggests to Mr. Mason that they look for a more "official" supplier of fruit, and after a little searching online, they discover a fruit association that has a fundraising program and guarantees that all of its produce is inspected by the USDA.  They put together their order and start marketing the band's fruit sale event.

  • It was a huge success!  They got new uniforms, and knowing that they did it without introducing a nasty pest makes the whole school proud.  They even had enough extra to take an end of the year FIELD TRIP!!!

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