Not Good to Move Firewood!

Check out this comic to see how Plant Hero Frankie Barker stops the spread of this bad news bug!

  • Title: Not Good to Move Firewood!

  • Understanding how firewood enables the proliferation of the Asian Longhorned Beetle is one step closer to being a tree and plant hero!

  • When Frankie's eagle scout troop comes by to pick him up for a weekend camping trip to nearby Wachusett Mountain State Reservation, Frankie sees a load of firewood in the back of his friend's pickup truck.

  • When he asks where the wood came from, Frankie's friend says his dad cut down a dead tree in their back yard. Frankie knows they both live within the ALB quarantine area and understands that transporting the firewood cold help spread the bug to other areas.

  • Use firewood where you find it. Help keep ALB from traveling!

  • He also brings the divots and dime-sized exit holes of his nemesis the Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) to the attention of his troop.

  • They quickly return the firewood to his friend's yard and contact the county extension office. The Plant Heroes team is notified...

  • The team is sent in to help Frankie inspect the trees and deploy pheromone traps in Frankie's friend's neighborhood.

  • They find a dozen infested trees and are able to remove them before ALB spreads even further!

    Wanna be a Plant Hero and help stop the spread of Asian Longhorned Beetle? Check out out the field guide!

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