In a Jam with LBAM!

Check out this comic to find out about Nate's LBAM jam!

  • Title: In a Jam with LBAM! AKA Light Brown Apple Moth

  • It's harvest time in California, and Nate sets out to visit his older cousin Sammy, who, with his father, owns and operates a blackberry farm, in the Napa Valley.

  • The blackberries are ripe for the picking (and eating!)

  • Nate and Sammy decide to haul the berries to a local market for sale!  With tourist season in full swing, these California blackberries are sure to go quickly and provide a good bit of pocket money as well.

  • As they're leaving for market the next day, Nate says "Is it just me or does it seem like there are more crates than yesterday?"

  • Sammy explains that his dad got up extra early to pick a few crates from their other patch across the street.

  • Nate has a flashback of the inspector visiting the day before and cries out, "WAIT! You mean AFTER the inspector was here?" We can't be sure that they're not infested with LBAM and we shouldn't bring them to the Lake County Market because that area is practically LBAM free!

  • Nate and Sammy decide that they only way to get themselves out of a potential jam by spreading LBAM is to, well, make jam!

  • The boys were delayed a day, but at the market, music is in the air, everyone is cheery by far, and there is money to be made with fresh blackberries in a jar!

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