How to Catch 1000 Cankers!

See how Aponi keeps her dad from bringing home this bad beetle  - buyer beware!

  • Title: To Catch a Thousand Cankers

  • Aponi is spending the summer helping her dad, Ben, remodel their kitchen.

  • Ben loves making furniture!

  • He has spent weeks searching the internet for rough-sawn walnut and has finally found a supplier in Ohio for the last item on their project list...A new kitchen table and chairs!

  • Then Ben realizes that the seller is located near Aponi's cousins in Hamilton, Ohio and suggests that they make it into an end-of-summer road trip!

  • Aponi and her dad drive the family pickup truck to Hueston Woods State Park and spend the weekend camping with the family.

  • On their way home, they stop in the nearby town of Oxford to visit the man that was selling the walnut lumber.

  • Ben inspects the wood and everything looks good...the bark is still on the edges but the lumber looks straight and the price is right!  Looks good enough to EAT!


  • "Illinois has an exterior quarantine to prevent raw walnut from being brought in from places known to have Walnut Twig Beetle and Thousand Cankers Disease.  I don't think we should risk it!  Can we look at some other type of wood instead?"

  • "Good catch Aponi, I forgot about the fact that you folks were coming from out of state!  Why don't I show you some of the red oak timber I just milled?"

  • Aponi and Ben load up and head home.  They spend the last few weeks of her vacation working together in Ben's woodshop and before school starts have finished the kitchen table and chairs.  The grain looks beautiful and they can rest easy knowing that they didn't accidentally introduce a new forest pest!

  • Wanna be a Plant Hero and help stop the spread of Walnut Twig Beetle and Thousand Cankers Disease? Check out out the field guide!

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