The Fungus Among Us!

See how Nate foils a freaky fungus and saves the day!

  • Title: The Fungus Among Us!

  • Nate, forever focused on fungi, notices a beast lurking in the local nursery..

  • Nate was helping his parents pick out plants for their house at a new local nursery.

  • Forever looking for funky mushrooms and molds, a cluster of unusual black and spongy bumps on the trunk of a large oak caught his eye.

  • He collected some spores that helped him identify the growths as the fruiting bodies of a sapwood decay fungus, Hypoxylon thouarsianum, which is frequently found on trees in advanced stages of ramorum blight (aka sudden oak death).

  • Nate told his parents that he was afraid the azaleas and camellias they had just bought might be infected too.


  • The next day, they returned to talk with the nursery owner.

  • The nursery owner contacted the county and state officials.

  • Once the diagnosis was confirmed...

  • ...the Plant Heroes team was brought in to help Nate recal all of the potentially infected plants that had been sold and destroy them before they spread the disease throughout the town.

  • Fortunately, the nursery grower was able to remove the diseased tree, disinfect all of the plant containers, and move their growing operation to a new and clean location, too!

    Wanna be a Plant Hero and stop the spread of Ramorum Blight / Sudden Oak Death? Check out the field guide!

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