Camp Smart with 'Certified' Firewood

Aponi schools her cousins on firewood safety during her summer break trip to California!

  • Title: Camp Smart with 'Certified' Firewood

  • Aponi has spent the entire summer with her cousins in southern California - amusement parks, movie stars, and the's been a big adventure and they've decided to wrap it up with a weekend camping trip to a nearby state park!

  • The day before they leave, Aponi's uncle mentions that he saw a pile of wood on the curb in front of someone's house on his way home from work.  "Maybe we could swing y on the way out of town and ask if we can take it for our campfire?"

  • Aponi remebers seeing some trees being taken down while they were visiting one of the nearby public parks a few weeks earlier...

  • The grounds keeper explained that the trees were dying because they had been attacked by a tiny new beetle called the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer.

  • She was amazed to see how TINY the beetle's exit holes were!

  • HOLD ON!!  What if the pile of wood that you saw is infested with the same thing!  Aponi suggests that they look for heat-treated firewood instead, as that would kill any wood-boring insects.

  • The next morning they call the campground and the ranger gives them that name of a place nearby that sells it.

  • They stop by the camping supply shop on the way to the park...

  • ...and the owner points out the certified firewood label on each of the bundles.  They know they've made the right choice!

  • That night, as they tell ghost stories around the campfire, they can enjoy their s'mores even more knowing that they didn't introduce a dangerous pest to the forest.

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