Ants in Your Plants!

Laura and her grandma have a close call on moving day!

  • Title: Ants in Your Plants!

  • Laura has been helping her family get ready for some big changes.  Her grandparents are ready to escape the sticky summer of the southeast and are moving to a retirement community in Arizona.  Laura's parents are going to take over their old house on the coast of Georgia.

  • It's moving day and they finally finish loading up the truck with her grandparents' belongings.  There's still a little room at the back!

  • Laura's grandma says she'd like to bring a few of her patio plants to liven up the new place, so they go around to the back patio and pick out a few of her favorites.

  • As Laura bends down to pick up the first plant, she notices a lot of ants crawling around the base of the pot.

  • Just then, she remembers when she got badly stung by fire ants here as a kid.

  • WAIT!  We don't want anyone to get stung, and you definitely don't want to introduce this pest to your new home!

  • Laura: "Why don't you leave these plant with us - it'll be a nice way for us to continue the garden that you started and we'll try to get rid of the ants with some bait."

    Grandma: "'re right Laura.  At least I can still see them when I come back to visit."

  • A few months later...

    Laura's family goes out to spend winter vacation with her grandparents.  They've gotten settled into their new place, so Laura and her grandma go shopping for some new plants.

  • While talking with the nursery owner they learned that red imported fire ants hadn't been found in Arizona yet!

  • Later that day, Laura and her grandma start planting her new garden together, thankful that they were'nt the first to introduce it!

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