Let's Play Games!

Be a Hero for trees and plants! The Plant Heroes crew want you to learn more about the invasive bad bugs and plant diseases. Game playing, along with words and pictures, helps us understand why the Heroes are needed in backyards and communities to protect the land around us and our neighbors as well as throughout the country. These bad guys have been here too long, so check out the Plant Heroes glossary to learn more about them. The more we know, the more we can be Heroes.

Your word searching skills will be tested here. You have only so much time to find all the words in your list. Remember the words in the search; this will fuel your Plant Hero training!

Can you put the Emerald Ash Borer life-cycle pictures in the right order? Go for it!

Can you drag and drop the 4 images of the ALB lifecycle in the correct order?

Can you place the images in the proper order to show the progression of thid disease?

Cross? Word. The Plant Heroes do get cross at the bad bugggz, of course, but they know knowledge keeps bad at bay. Test your crossword skillz here...